Feb 7, 2011

Croatia - Zagreb

On our way to Zagreb, first boarder experience: a policeman asked for our passports at Dobova train station!! It’s also the first time we had to change currency.. We should better get used to it!! ;)


Croatia has a modern and occidental capital which looks like a little sister of Vienna. We had an excellent impression of Zagreb. The city centre is divided in two parts: the Upper and the Lower Town. With its cathedral from the 11th century and Saint Marc’s church from the 13th century, the Upper Town is the most ancient part of the city. We enjoyed a lot its crowded narrow streets. 

View of the Upper town from  Katarina square

 Saint Marc's Church

 At the Cathedral, each bench has its own heating system.. clever! :)

Tkalciceva street

Besides the Lower Town is characterized by spaced out squares filled with official monuments (ministries, embassies, museums, universities, etc.). Those huge green squares are organized in a horseshoe form. It is this side of the city which is so connected with the Austrian influence.

Croatian National Theather on Marshal Tito square

Kallina House

Those two parts intersect on the main square: Traga Bana Josipa Jelacica.

 Bana Josip Jelacic square

Zagreb’s inhabitants seems to meet on this square every Saturday morning around noon after having bought some groceries at the Dolac market. On Sunday morning, the antique market at Britanski square is a lovely place to wander around and to take a coffee.

Dolac market

Britanski square, antique market


For our third day in Croatia, we decided to visit the National Park Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO world heritage site. So we took a two hours bus to cover the 130 kilometers from Zagreb. Located in a forest, this park is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls and cascading lakes. Such a peaceful place! 
Unfortunately, due to the snow and the black ice, two thirds of the normal marked path were closed to the public. And the last third was a bit slippery! :)


  1. Bonjour les jeunes,
    Je vois que votre voyage se passe bien, je vous embrasse fort et attention de ne pas tomber dans les cascades juste derrière vous !!! L'équilibre a l'air plus que précaire ! C'est une impression ou Axelle n'est pas rassurée ?
    A bientôt
    Tata (Tonton, Camille & Gabriel se joignent à moi pour vous embrasser).

  2. Aaaah enfin on vous voit! très jolie photo! Axelle, bien entendu tu me prends un cadeau dans tous les pays que vous traversez, n'est-ce pas?

    La bise,

    Eric, qui vous regarde de NY!

  3. Hello,

    rappelle toi axelle, tu m'avais aussi promis un souvenir par pays!!!! :-)
    votre début de voyage a l air magnifique....vivement la suite!!!!
    bisous à tous les deux

  4. Salut!!
    Euh oui.. on pense à vous très fort!;))
    Bisous de Budapest..

  5. Sweet ! You two keep rocking around the world ! Have grand times.

  6. Amigo Luís,
    Espero que tudo esteja a correr bem e que esta fase inicial não esteja a ser cansativa ;)

    Nuno Brochado