Feb 2, 2012

Uruguay - Montevideo/Colonia del Sacramento

Montevideo is a small cosmopolitan capital and the main port of Uruguay, lying on the bank of the Río de la Plata. The Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) displays a rich architectural heritage of colonial, 19th-century neoclassical and Art Deco buildings. 

But we were quite sad to see that the true value of this heritage is not appreciated and a lot of ancient buildings are in an advanced state of dilapidation. This part of the city  remembered us of Havana.

At the beginning of Escollera Sarandí

Montevideo has an abundance of markets where we have loved to get lost. A great way to feel the local ambiance!

Plaza Matriz

Mercado del Puerto

Mercado del Puerto

Feria de Tristán Narvaja

 Mate pots with their bombilla (the straw/filter) used for the traditional South American drink, Feria de Tristán Narvaja

In downtown, Plaza Independencia is a city landmark. It hosts a building which was once South America’s tallest, the beautiful Palacio Salvo. East of downtown (30 minutes walk), Playa Pocitos offers sandy sunbathing and the opportunity of swimming in the huge river, both more than welcome after a day of urban walking!;)

 Puerta de la Ciudadela, Plaza Independencia and Palacio Salvo

 Playa Pocitos


In fact Montevideo was first founded by Spanish to compete with the Portuguese colony of Colonia do Sacramento located across the bay from Buenos Aires. The fortified city set on a peninsula – the oldest town of Uruguay - is now called Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) and became the star tourist attraction of the country and not without reasons!

View over the Barrio Histórico from the lighthouse

 Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo
The atmospheric maze of cobblestone streets has an undeniable charm as well as the old colorful tiny portuguese houses. Actually the city changed hands a dozen times from  Portuguese to Spanish and vice versa, to end up under the control of Brazil shortly before the independence of Uruguay.

 Calle de los Suspiros

Every point of interest or small museum is within walking distance. A nice town to rest and chill out!

 Moelle 1866


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  3. BTW, Paula and I liked Colonia de Sacramento very much indeed when we were there a few years ago.