Feb 4, 2011

Slovenia - Ljubljana

The road between Italy and Croatia led us through Slovenia where we spent two days in Ljubljana. This small capital kind of looks like an Austrian city, organized and clean, with a typical baroque architecture. Ljubljana is overhanged by an imposing castle and crossed by the river Ljubljanica. The walk along the river is very beautiful and gives you the opportunity to admire the different bridges. The most famous: the triple bridge! 

 Presernov traga

 View of the castle from one branch of the triple bridge

 View from Ljubljana Castle

On the central  market place, you can even buy fresh milk from a vending machine, in the same way you buy cola in the French metro!

Seen on Vodnikov traga 

Near the train station, we visited a strange block, Metelkova Mesto: small colorful houses hosting associations and artists. Every house has its proper decoration: recovered by strange ghosts, hand-made mosaics, etc. A peace & love area with lots of concerts and events organized every week. 

The first good restaurant address we highly recommend: a small typical Slovenian tavern located next to the BikofĂ© and in front of the University Library, in a street named Krizevniska Gosnoska Ulica. Even if Ljubljana is a very cosmopolite city with almost everyone speaking fluently English, the waiter at this restaurant is proud to describe its menu – only written in Slovenian and put up outside next to the entrance door – in his own language! Don’t worry, the waiter speaks really slowly and try very hard to be understood..;) If needed, you can always ask your table neighbor to translate it in English for you!

Vegetarian goulash

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