Nov 3, 2011

The Bahamas - Paradise Island

From Miami, we wished to go to the Caribbean island of Cuba but as the U.S. embargo is still in force, we had to transit somewhere. The cheapest and shortest way we found was through the Bahamas!! :) So we decided to rest there for a few days before returning to our backpacker's rythm. Our first real holiday after nine months of non-stop moving around! Well.. holidays.. we still have to plan the next few months in Central and Latin America during this handful of days.

Working at the terrace

For sure a lot have changed since Columbus arrived. His first landfall in the New World in 1492 was in the Bahamas archipelago. For our part, we landed in Nassau, the capital and front room of the Bahamas and went to the aptly-named Paradise Island, connected to Nassau by bridge.

View over Atlantis from the bridge connecting Nassau and Paradise Island

Ferry connecting Nassau and Paradise Island

Atlantis luxury resort occupies half of Paradise Island with 14 exhibits lagoons, a casino, a waterpark, a wide range of dining and shopping options, etc. Only a small part of this resort is accessible to non-guests and non-residents for free, just enough to give you a sense of excess.


Marina Village at Atlantis

Of course we could not afford to stay in such a place and it was very hard to find an accomodation in Paradise Island without blowing up our budget. After much research we found something on the other part of the island, a little bit far from everything. But with a five minutes bike ride, we could reach the beach and a mini-mart!

Riding to the mini-mart

Marina next to our hotel

Nothing really authentic on the tourist-oriented Paradise Island, except the crystal-clear sea and white sticky sand but those willing to break their piggy bank can enjoy an endless variety of activities from cruise, diving, dolphin encounter, eco-adventures to golf, rock climbing or watersports.

Happy feet

For a more refined experience, one can visit the local craft market or a relatively small area called Versailles Gardens filled with statues dating from the 12th century. The property is now owned by the One and Only Ocean Club but accessible to the public, an intimate hidden gem.

Craft market

Grassy terraces of the Versailles Gardens

A  bronze called Mother and Child at Versailles Gardens

Across the street from the Versailles Garden is a cloister from a French Augustinian monastery that was originally built in the 13th century and brought to California by William Randolph Hearst. It's a small world!

Cloister and contemporary white marble statue called Silence


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