Jan 2, 2011

Let's get started!

So.. it's decided! We both left our jobs and decided to take a year off to travel and visit the wild world!!

We? A Franco-Portuguese couple in their late twenties. Of course, we both love to travel and have already visited a lot of countries but mostly throughout Europe. Now is the time to expand our horizons and see.. that the world is not what we see on the news nor read in books and magazines!

Oh one of us is a vegetarian, quite a challenge sometimes! We will keep you informed with the related difficulties in the different countries visited.

Our motivation? Mmh hard to express in a few sentences. Maybe a mix of tremendous curiosity, urge to experience the world as it is today, and willingness to challenge ourselves, with a pinch of insouciance and juvenile excitement!

Rafts of resources on traveling around the world are available on the Internet. If we have to emphasize a few of them.. We really enjoyed the article 20 Things I've learned from traveling around the world for three years, very enriching and close to what we can imagine.

We can also recommend some websites:
And blogs by other travelers are always a mine of invaluable information like: http://www.oneyearoff.net/

We also found a lot of information in very thorough book (sorry, it's in French :/) : Partir autour du monde (Guide Globe-Trotters, Aventure du bout du monde, Paris, 2009, 407 pages), our very own Bible.

But we do hope that our main source of information will be the stories and advice exchanged with local people and other travelers!

With this platform, we would like to stay in touch with our family and friends and share the researches and practical information we gathered with anyone interested by traveling.


  1. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  2. I'm so jealous ( you know that already )!!! Keep us posted as much as possible

  3. oh i m so excited, so many countries to visit that means so many presents you will buy just for me ...oh you are so sweet ;) cheers guys

  4. Buon viaggio! occhio alla penna! e soprattutto divertitevi! Robi

  5. Bravissima!!! :) Boca al lupo!!!

  6. ciao ! I met Luis and Axelle just today, in Verona! wonderful couple and very nice people. I hope to meet them again and I wish them a great tour. ciao
    Marco da Verona

  7. It was nice to meet you too Marco! The CS lunch in Verona was so much fun!:)

  8. Alors alors! Vous êtes déjà partis? j'espère que vous vous amusez bien, ça donne bien envie de liberté. Grosse bises et on attend les photos!!

    Eric, peacekeeper!