Nov 24, 2011

The Third 100th Days

During these last three months and a half we covered 36.556 kilometers (13.256 km by land, 23.300 km by air) through some of the most developed countries in the world: Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

We spent 145 hours in 16 buses (of which 6 overnight buses).
We spent 36 hours in 14 planes (6 direct flights and 4 trips with a connection).
We rent cars several times for a total of 15 days, covering around 4.300 kilometres with them!

To summarize around 10% of those one hundred days were spent in buses, cars and flights or waiting for them at bus stations or airports!

Trinidad, Cuba

We changed city every 3,2 days and moved to another country every 16,7 days (on average).

We slept in 28 cities: 52 nights in 22 hostels/guesthouses/hotels, 30 nights at 15 couchsurfers' places and 11 nights at 2 friends' places.

Our charming Tasman hostess Astrid in Hobart, Australia

With our floating hosts David and Marie in Auckland, New Zealand


Traveling in more developed and expensive countries, we had to adapt our habits:

Picnic in a plane (between Melbourne and Christchurch)

Picnic in a bus (between Surfers Paradise and Sydney)

Picnic in the nature (in Akaroa, New Zealand)

We did not have to carry bottles of mineral water any more. Instead we carried some groceries: a box of cereals for the breakfasts, salt, olive oil, rice or pasta, etc. Indeed unlike Asia, restaurants are very expensive in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It became cheaper to buy groceries and cook ourselves than to go to restaurants. So we bought a blue cool bag to carry along!

Home-made dinner at our hosts' place in Sydney, Simon and Rick

Cooking at our hostel in San Francisco

Dinner in front of the Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Home-made Japanese dinner at our host's place in Melbourne, Australia

One of the good aspects is that we stopped washing our clothes by hand as washing machines and even dryers (!) are widely available in those countries. That was really great! ;)

Another change, it became cheaper and more convenient to rent cars to visit some sights outside the cities like the Grand Canyon or parks in Tasmania. No more 2$ taxis like in Southeast Asia!

Akaroa, New Zealand

Facing the lake Okaro, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand


  1. Oh, j'aimais bien la rubrique "mes villes préférées" etc etc. Vous gardez tout pour la fin maintenant?? Un best of trimestriel, un best of!!! Claire

  2. Peut-être qu'après dix mois, ça devient impossible de répondre à ce genre de question.. et puis oui (créons un peu de suspens..) on prépare un double article phénoménal pour notre grand final!! ;)